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Stone coated steel roof tile is made from galvalume steel and then coated with stone chips and attached to the steel with an acrylic film. The result is a more durable roof that still retains the aesthetic advantages of high end roofing such as classical or shingle tile.


Asphalt roof Tiles are one of the economic roofing materials and they are available in a wide variety of colors. Asphalt shingles are commonly used on sloped roofs, single homes and smaller residential projects just to name a few. This material is very easy to install and provides flexibility during its installation process. 


K style drainage system is a kind of PVC rain gutter system developed by Singer on the basis of breaking the traditional draiange syste and in-depth sthdying foreign roof drainage and combining with the characteriesof domestic buldings.


Butyl tape is a kind of lifelong non-curing self-adhesive sealing waterproof tape made of butyl rubber as the main raw material, mixed with other additives, and processed through advanced technology.


As a roofing material manufacturer for 17 years, what we offer is the most comprehensive roofing solution. Design and construction, A variety of roof tiles, Waterproof construction, Rain gutter system. Here, you will get a one-stop solution.

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CAILIN is the first company among the stone coated rooting tile field who pass the 1509001:2008 Quality Management System and 1S014001:2004 Environment Management System. The company has very strict management system, and executes to the whole company. in addition, It also have very specific quality policies, and set the quality centre, thus we can have an overall management on the quality information sharing, guidance and supervising. The name of CAILIN is the guarantee of quality.
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CAILIN as a leading manufacturer of roofing materiats, is market and sevvice have been spread alover China. The company took the lead in imponting the CIS System, to improve the information ofregion saies and service, which makes the users' interaction more convenient, better for us to get directfeedback hepm them,to set up a very sood reputation and grearly improve the users' satisfaction and loyalty
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The company produce the whole series of roofing system materiats with the most professional construction team,providing customers with the most systermnatized service. You will enjoy the one-stop service in the company from the tender design, materials choosing, cost measurement, construction to technical guidance and the follow-up services,
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CAIIN as a new technology intensive enterprise, integrated with scientific research, production,design and sales; concetrates on technology, quality and service. Through years of practice and effort,we have been in the leading position on the product technology, guiding the development direction of stone coated roofing tiles industry. CAILIN as a famous brand in the field, represents the science,technology. quality, service and reliability.
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On the premise of large scale production, The company relies on the most international advanced technology and equipment, supported by technology innovation&derelopment, with its own import and export opergtion rights, fully integrating global sources, winning very high cost-effectiveness in the market."Same quality lowest pfice, same price best quality," is our vision and goal


20 2023-09

Comparative Analysis of Stone Coated Roof and Asphalt Shingle Roof

Stone coated roof tiles and asphalt shingle roof tiles are both roof building materials, roof tiles, and roof decorative materials.
29 2023-08

How to guide customers to choose corrosion resistant metal tile

With the various roof tiles come into the market, you maybe struggling which kind of roofing tiles should I consider for my roof. You maybe impressed with the metal roof tiles with its light weight and long life span advantages, but how should I choose the right materials to know they won’t get rusted? Today i would like to give you some guidlines as below:
29 2023-08

Buying Asphalt Shingles Roof Tile - Waterproof, Benefits and More

Roof leaks can be a problem in rainy regions, especially those affected by monsoons. However, we can solve the problem of roof leakage by installing high-quality roof tiles that are waterproof and not easy to break. This is why asphalt roof shingles are so popular.
02 2021-02

Why choose Cailin for roof metal tiles!

There are many kinds of colored stone metal tiles, and more and more metal tiles are used in roof building materials. Many engineering projects choose to use colored stone metal tiles for house renovation. This new type of building material is characterized by large area, light weight and easy Cutting and fixing the tiles in a unique way of overlapping, so that the tiles and the roof can be fixed firmly. Metal tiles of this material are very well received by the public. In various buildings, when choosing tiles for sloped roofs, metal colored tiles can be used. The metal tiles produced by Cailin metal tile manufacturers are of high quality, reasonable price, stable performance, and much better than traditional tiles. Compared with asphalt tiles, they have a longer service life and will not tear in windy weather. , Individual homes can also choose metal color tiles, heat insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer, waterproof and rainproof to make the living environment more comfortable. There are many types and colors of color stone metal tiles. Cailin metal tile manufacturers continue to develop new types of tiles, so that customers have a variety of choices for building and use. Each type of tile has its own characteristics, allowing the building to see It has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the metal color tiles can be applied to buildings of various shapes. The construction is simple and easy, and there is basically no maintenance in the later period. It saves time and effort, low overall cost, and strong weather resistance. It can be used in bad weather. To use, Cailin factory has a professional technical department to provide you with drawing deepening and one-stop service. Welcome to visit Cailin factory, choose Cailin for tiles!


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Cailin is a new technology intensive enterprise, integrated with scientific research, production, design and sales; concetrates on technology, quality and service.

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